A Call for Translators

We have noticed a substantial rise in visitors to the Proveldtariat website from across the world, including those from;

  • Taiwan
  • Russia
  • Japan
  • Brazil
  • France
  • Spain
  • Italy
  • Finland
  • Netherlands
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • Germany
  • Poland
  • Ukraine
  • Israel
  • Columbia
  • Denmark
  • Belgium
  • Puerto Rico
  • Korea

The Proveldtariat is spread far and wide across the globe, but it is clear that you all seek to fight the bumpgeois and end this invasion of your choice of free time. I am so sorry that I am unable to speak multiple languages myself to completely translate everything for you. This is why I call out to my fellow Provelds for your support.

We need translators.

We need people who speak the languages from the above mentioned countries to step forward and assist. I am willing and able to translate all posts and tips for miners should we be able to obtain linguistic specialists.

Please e-mail proveldtariat@gmail.com with your translations should you so choose. This is not an order, none can order you all, the Proveldtariat. You are free individuals to make your own choices. This is however, a request, a plea if you will. We need your help, ALL of your help. So I beseech you, my dear comrades; step forward with your brilliant language capabilities, and help us spread the word to all people of all languages. With your help, all will benefit from the collective knowledge of the miner, and soon the missioner, explorer, and all of Eve’s proletariat.

Again, please E-MAIL (not eve-mail) proveldtariat@gmail.com if you are willing to translate the word of the people on this site for the benefit of all.

For the Proveldtariat o7

6 thoughts on “A Call for Translators

  1. I could probably translate some stuff into Danish if needed. You just didn’t specify what you want translated. Are we talking about articles on this site or will you be posting a list of sentences you want translated?

  2. Hi proveldtariat

    I found your blog and I was thinking that one good way you could make it better than james one would be to have more content than him. Hes always posting though so you’d probably need more than one person. I think you should maybe look for other writers so that you can provide more content than James and get more visitors that way.

    you don’t need to publish this comment I only wanted you to read this.

    • Hello Anon,
      Thank you for your kind suggestion. At the moment this website has multiple individuals tending to it, but we do not simply wish to publish content for the sake of publishing content. However, you are correct that there should be more updates, which we plan to do.

      If you can and want (and this goes for other miners), share your stories of resistance! Tell us how you’re helping your system resist these bastards to protect the game play that you’re entitled to!

      Fly safe!

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