The “Invincible” Order

It’s interesting to see the Order continue to taut its invincibility due to the word and “righteousness” of their cause. It seems that because of their divine mission, they are impervious and need fear none. Also, according to them, they need not fear, as miners will never fight back, gank back, or act against them because of the assumed above stated reasons.

If that’s the case, I guess these tanks are just for aesthetics, right?

Bumper thug Guybert, despite the bravado of himself and his ilk, seem to hold less faith in the notion of their “good work” and the “fact” that miners would never react to them by ganking, and more faith in walking a walk very different from their talk. Do Shield Extenders and Shield Rigs really have a need on a bumping ship if there is “no risk” of miner retaliation?

New bumper thug Simon Lindsay seems to also have caught onto the bumpgeois’ unspoken rule. Despite not having Tech 2 shield systems, he ended up equipping something. To cover it up his lack of Tech 2 shield systems, the “brave” bumper even placed a cloaking device on his Stabber! Better safe than sorry right?…But…wait? What’s there to be sorry about if miners would never retaliate?

Pilot Zak Fey was another bumper pontificating about his invincibility to all anti-bumping forces…but, when asked a certain question, he seemed to…buckle.

As the saying goes; Welp.

Even Pro-Bumper Miner turned Bumper Audrik Villalona seems to have more faith in tanking against his betrayed comrades’ wrath rather than assume they would simply do nothing. I guess if I not only paid the “order,” but then began bumping my fellow miners, I’d be a bit frightened of retaliation as well. Hell hath no fury like a hundred miners’ scorn.

On can’t help but wonder what other equipment the “order” is packing. You know. Just in case the miners decide to rise against them. Which, you know, they said could never happen….

Fly Safe Comrades o7

6 thoughts on “The “Invincible” Order

  1. …Duh. Invinciblity comes from sensible fitting and sensible ship-flying. The Code, while pretty amazing, is not a magical shield.

  2. To not properly fit your ship is pretty dumb even if the odds of an attack are low. If you actually write an ‘article’ about this, it’s no wonder the new order is winning.

  3. kinda funny how you tear a tiny hole in their “code” … expose just some of their cowardly fears… and they scramble to defend like ducks on bread crumbs..
    “I’m invincible!!… but what if they retaliate?? I better tank up because.. uhhh it would be silly not to.. yeah, that’s the excuse I’ll use!”
    but like so many are saying if “the order” (wasn’t that the name of a movie that tried to be so serious and failed just like these guys are doing? lol) is invincible… why do they smother their ships with tank? it’s easier to cower behind shield mods and sooth their week ego when a buddy is right behind them gently messaging their butthurt backsides telling them “it’s ok to tank, just in case we bump into some actual pew…”
    lol… just… lol

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