Tear Bounties

So during my long break in December, I thought about a lot of things related to the Proveldtariat and how to move forward with this group (in between RL work, vacation planning, getting engaged etc). One of the big things I thought about was the Bumper Dodge game I had mentioned earlier. The more I thought about ways to execute it, the more I realized that it was simply a LOT of effort on anyone’s part to record and post. While potentially fun to see and do, it’s just a lot of work.

So, I’ve thought of something a little more fun to do that requires much less effort. I would like to propose the establishment of Tear Bounties. It’s a very simple concept that requires a few screenshots and an e-mail or in-game mail and link.

If you’re dealing with a bumper, and they get upset at you crushing their fallacy laced logic or dodging every single one of their bumps or out tanking their fail ganks, take a screenshot of their reaction in chat! The Proveldtariat will be offering 10 million isk per screenshot. Exceptionally tear filled screenshot chats, you could be credited with 20 million isk.

Submission is easy. Either e-mail the file to proveldtariat@gmail.com, or eve-mail Anslo a link to the screenshot. You can upload screenshot’s at tinypic.com, a very convinient picture sharing service that requires no registration.

If we start getting a good many screenshots, I’ll be setting up a top Bounty list! Your screenshot could win you big and get you on the front page of the Proveldtariat website! I hope to see a lot of screenshots in the future! Good hunting Proveldtariats!

o7 Fly Safe and Fly True!

6 thoughts on “Tear Bounties

  1. “Freedom of play, freedom of choice.”

    Exactly. So when the bumpers bump and the gankers gank, they are exercising the very freedom you espouse.

    • Sorry, but that “freedom” is nothing but maliciousness that must be curved by the working masses to ensure their style of play is preserved. If you want to blame someone for “inhibiting” a play style, blame the bumpgeois for starting this mess. 🙂

      • And when was the last time that hulk killed Hmm? When was the last time any belligerent was killed within highsec? Also, did you know they were a war target? What’s more, what does it say when the former pirate thinks the current bumpgeois “pvp’ers” are taking things to far?

        Also, you are well known as the miner mouth piece of the bumpgeois, and possibly even an alt. Anything you say should be taken with a pinch of salt and a shot of tequila 🙂 Especially considering how you treat your fellow miners now.

        What a hypocrite.

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