The Proveldtariat Manifesto

We Are The Proveldtariat

 “The Proveldtariat, as the conscious exponent of the mining-class movement, aims at the complete liberation of the toiling miners from every form of oppression and exploitation. The achievement of this objective—the abolition of bumping in the belts and the creation of an undisturbed mining society—calls for a very high development of the productive forces of all miners and a high degree of organization of the mining class. Therefore, one of the tasks of the Proveldtariat is to prod the miners on, to raise before the whole people slogans calling for a complete revolution, to start working boldly and independently for the realization of these slogans—in a word, to be the vanguard, to take the lead in the struggle for the liberty of the whole of minerdom. This is not an action executed over a short time, but a long-term struggle to build up, and ensure, those miners who would fight for their rights. It is a long road and much work to undertake that will, in the end, ensure revolution.


In the initial stage of the revolution, we must first deeply plough the soil, uproot age-old prejudices, and awaken thousands of miners, haulers, industrialists, missioners, and other oppressed workers to political life and political struggle and reveal to each other—and to the world—all classes of society in their true character and in the true alignment of their interests, their forces, their modes of action, and their immediate and ultimate aims. Only after this task is done may we commence refining our activities in organizing, collecting information, and identifying and correcting the principal parties and Bumpists. The revolution does not spring fully leafed and bloomed overnight– it must be cultivated, seeded, and nurtured, to maturity, with the Proveldtariat as the initial ploughman and caretaker.”

-Khergit Deserters

For the past few weeks there has been heated argument and outcry against miners and High Security space. You have been told you are not wanted in this game for your play style, afk or not. You have been told you are destroying the game. This new level of anger has raised the amount of highsecution among a vocal group to never before seen levels, to the point that some of these individuals have joined together to assail you through “bumping.”

The more this occurs, the more it will grow. In talking with many of you, it is believed this will simply go away, that boredom against the enemy will prevail.

How I wish this was true…

Read on, my dear miners.

Take note, brave missioners.

Listen closely, great industrialists.

Observe this, good traders.

Take Heed, mission runner.

Your freedom of play and liberty to enjoy is under attack by individuals claiming you to be “entitled brats,” demanding more protection, more security. But I ask this. Is a man or woman not entitled to the sweat of their brow? Whether the gains be obtained with difficulty or ease?

No, say the bitter vet. You must risk more to “deserve” it.

No, say the bumper. “Bot-aspirants” deserve nothing.

No, say the pirate. It belongs to me.

I say it belongs to you. Whether you afk-mine, mission, build, trade, your way of life is now under attack by those who would strip you of your gameplay in favor to feed their craving for blood and uniformity in a game where many with real-world obligations play to unwind. They seek the absolute destruction of the casual gamer and their play style under the guise of “preserving Eve” through a culling. Read on my comrade, my fellow Proveldtariat, and I will tell you why we must fight, why they fight us, and what you can do right now to preserve the liberty of play you so justly deserve.


We are the Proveldtariat

  1. The Bumpgeois and the Proveldtariat
  2. The Mind of the Bumpgeois
  3. Concerning Communism and Capitalism
  4. Of Proveldtariats and Bot-Aspirants
  5. Raise the Flag of War; Why We Must Act Now
  6. A Call to Arms

The Bumpgeois and the Proveldtariat

No doubt you’ve begun to notice my continued use of the words Proveldtariat and Bumpgeois. What do these terms mean? Let me tell you!

In the infant days of communism, when the Communist Manifesto was first published (from which this manifesto is inspired from), there were two labels to identify individuals. The proletariat was the working class of the time. They farmed the food, they built machines with their own hands; they labored and toiled for the benefit of all. Then, there was the bourgeois. These simply lived off the proletariat and their sweat, taking from them for their own greedy wants and treating the proletariat like “the filth and disgusting undesirables they were.” This all ended once the idea of communism emerged and the proletariat rose to throw off their shackles and defend their livelihood. The rest, as they say, is history.

Now how does this apply to Eve? As you could guess, the ProVELDtariat are Eve’s working group. We mine, we build, we mission, we trade, etc. We keep the economic flow of High Security space moving and thriving, like a heart at the center of a vast network of arteries and blood vessels, pumping the life giving liquid of ISK throughout the universe. We live as we wish. Many simply wish to keep out of the way, and that is their right to do so.

Then, there is the BUMPgeois. While many do not necessarily engage in ‘bumping,’ I felt this was a relevant comparison due to the sheer amount of support the Bumpgeois (PvPers, gankers, nul groups, etc) give to the new “Bumpers” so affecting innocent miners, while the supporters affect others in negative fashions. The Bumpgeois believe one thing;

That you are a second class citizen.

You do not deserve your peace, you do not deserve your game, and you must pay for your ways. Your ways simply being existing and playing as you would. You are scum to them and they want you to pay for your mere choices as it is a “sandbox” universe where risk must ALWAYS be present. Should risk really always be present? To an extent yes. This is a universe, grand and vast, full of all types of people. But at what point does risk become sheer belligerency and maliciousness? I will address this later.

For now, let us delve deeper into the mind of the enemy, the Bumpgeois.

The Mind of the Bumpgeois

I recently saw a post stating that;

Many a miner thinks they should be left totally alone to “unwind” while they add more minerals to the game, an act that affects everyone. This is an example of why some of us dislike them and their practices. They think they get to affect us without consequence “because they want to chill.” They are wrong.

Eve has been praised for its sandbox gameplay in every aspect of its many venues. Traders can outbid each other in economic warfare. Traditional warfare can be used to take space from anyone else. Miners must compete to out provide their competition to keep the minerals flowing at an affordable price. Even missioners must compete with factors such as ninja salvagers and gankers to be able to thrive. Everyone really does affect everyone in this game. But why should one’s affecting action be targeted for persecution rather than others?

Let’s look at the statement piece by piece.

“Miners think they should be totally left alone to “unwind.”

The key here is that the bumpgeois believe that unwind immediately equated to not being at their keyboard while mining. While some may do that as the real world calls, others will chat with corporation members, friends, allies, check the market, etc. This first fallacy (assuming we are immediately and unequivocally anti-social) is an important one to note, as it is prevalent in the mind of the bumpgeois.

But not all talk or act on Eve whilst mining. Others may watch a movie on a smaller window, browse the net, do work, etc. Some simply enjoy the sound of asteroids being mined and find it relaxing, therapeutic almost! This is also well within their right to do.

But here comes the crux of the matter! For every action, there is a reaction, is there not? A miner sits, he could be ganked. To keep themselves from being ganked, they tank. Risk and reward begin to balance out. But now, the risk has adapted to strike at the Proveldtariat in a way difficult to counter. Bumping. No longer can you unwind and relax after a long day, oh no. You must face the risk in your chosen space game! Why should the bumpgeois force this on us? The answer is that they should NOT.

“…while they add more minerals to the game, an act that affects everyone.”

This has also been the cout du jour of the bumpgeois. Allegedly, the selling of minerals into the market en masse is a bad thing. It “affects” their gameplay, their ability to pvp, gank, etc. But I ask…when have cheap minerals and ships ever been bad for anyone? In fact, the bumpgeois should be THANKING you, the Proveldtariat worker, for providing such easily accessible and cheap ships! You keep conflict that the bumpgeois so want flowing through the game through your endless supply of minerals! Is this not something they would wish for?

“This is an example of why some of us dislike them and their practices.”

The “practice” of enjoyment outside of what the bumpgeois believe to be “the core” of Eve is anathema to them. What they forget is that Eve is a sandbox, free to be enjoyed however one pleases. This sandbox has high, low, and zero security sectors. Civilization, outlands, and badlands. Why should the people of civilized space bend their practices to fit those of the badlands and outlands? Dislike if you must, but why should you come and affect our fun and gameplay when we so generously provide you the bread and butter of your gameplay choice?

Ah but then comes the sandbox argument once again!

“Why should your gameplay interfere with mine?”

I’m not sure, how does my shooting a rock bother you in anyway?

“Because you flood the market with your minerals! It’s not fair!”

But that provides you cheaper ships, does it not?

“Well…you make more money easier! That’s not fair!!”

Perhaps if you did not choose life as an outlaw and were not a badland and outland resident, you too could reap the rewards of civilization!

Sandbox it may be, but it is a sandbox with distinct areas. Why should we, the Proveldtariat, be disliked for living in civilized space?

“They think they get to affect us without consequence “because they want to chill.” They are wrong.”

What need be said about this statement? Take a good look, comrades. This is the end all be all. They impose and force consequence, within our civilized space, as we work and play, enjoy and build, sell and pump life through this game.

We aren’t allowed to just “chill out?”

We aren’t allowed to simply enjoy?

We are the problem with Eve?

This is the mind of the enemy my comrades. They wish to take your free time, in a game, and make you pay for simply enjoying it. Imagine this type of individual in the real world. How long would they last before getting thrown in an insane asylum? Yet they act it out here. But here, we can stop it, we can defend our way of life. I will touch on that later on.

Concerning Communism and Capitalism

The Proveldtariat has come under attack for its socially communist take on Eve and the united front we place by rallying high security residents to action against the bumpgeois. It is stated that we are a controlling group and that the individual has no place within the Proveldtariat and that the miner’s isk would be taken forcefully. This, however, is a grave fallacy.

Eve is inherently a capitalist game. We play and fight and mine and build to make our isk to do as we please. Whether you wish to buy a rather pricey ship as a trophy or a few throw away HACs to fight in, the choice is absolutely yours. We make isk for our own sake. The Proveldtariat does not seek to change this economic stance. You are entitled to your isk. It is the sweat of your brow, and you have earned it. We cannot force you take give isk to the cause any more than we can force you to do anything else. We do not wish to force anything on you. Miners, even now, have donated isk to the cause, without the request of the Proveldtariat or its allies. While small, the Proveldtariat has obtained 400 million isk to aid in war ship provision, gank contracts, war decs, and other provisions of war. These donations have been met with cheer and utilized in effort to fight back against the elitists who would infringe on our gaming rights.

So, where does Communism play its role here? To the Proveldtariat, Communism entails unity and dedication to a single cause; the liberation of the working class through struggle against oppression. Let the bumpgeois rant and rave all they want about communism and taking isk from the miners. The fact is that we are and always will be economically capitalist, and will make our own isk, while accepting donations that anyone would wish to provide. But in the face of this new threat against us, another force against PvE and casual gaming, social communism must be used to awaken the sleeping Proveldtariat masses to action. Through unity, we will survive, and we will win.

Of Proveldtariats and Bots

An accusation that the Proveldtariat is supporting bot mining has been thrown around more than accusations of false claims on an uninhabited island in the Pacific Ocean. This is another method of the bumpgeois to discredit the organization of the Proveldtariat masses against the actions taken to thwart their gameplay. We do not condone actual botting. If there is any group that assails the very foundation of Eve and indeed harms the Proveldtariat masses more than the bumpers, it’s the botters. The REAL botters. The people who use 15-30 accounts to mine through a macro-program that clicks specific pixels are specific times. This is not something we condone. The Proveldtariat, the true miners, work hard for their isk.

The issue we take is the treatment of all miners as if they were bots. The bumpers enjoy using the term “bot-aspirant” when referring to miners, claiming that any and all miner not adhering to their “code” wishes to be a bot. They also state miners cannot mine all day, as that too is acting like a bot. I was unaware that mining, as a career, was simply a bunch of macro’s. I suppose all the conversation’s I’ve had with affected miners were all with bots.

Just in case one may have missed it, that was sarcasm. The implication that all miners who do not speak in local and simply wish to mine all day are bots is possibly one of the most laughable statements of the bumpgeois. They may envy the efficiency of miners et al and their absolute dedication ensuring the people of Eve obtain their minerals, they may even be lonely and wish to talk with others (and force them to do so through bumping), but to be called a bot?

It is through the Proveldtariat’s sheer will and skill that they are efficient, not through the use of bots. Yes, there are certain groups that do use bots and as stated before, these are not desirables to any group in Eve. But for active miners, playing within the EULA, to be assailed with accusations of being a bot or “bot aspirant,” and then being bumped because of some mafia-like “code” is beyond the bounds. Do we not have the right to choose who we do and do not talk to? Do we not have the right to speak in channels other than Local? Do we not have the right to speak on voice comms and not focus on Local? Do we not have the right to play our game, our way, in civilized space, without worrying about some sociopath with a grudge against Eve’s working class? This is just another case of the bumpgeois stepping on us, “the second class citizens” of Eve, using faulty logic. But the time has come to end it.

Raise the Flag of War! A Call To Arms.

“Political power comes down the barrel of a gun.”

-Mao Tse Tung

To preserve our way of play and free time, it becomes necessary to defend it in the most powerful way possible; absolute destruction of those who would take away our rights. It’s time to trade the mining lasers for Neutron Cannons, the exhumer investment for war declarations, the Orca alt for an infiltrator, the mining fleets for gank groups, and the CCP whining to Pro-Miner declarations.

CCP is not going to step in. We cannot count on their support any longer. This new threat must be met by us. We outnumber them, ten to one. All you have to do is wake up, see the danger you’re in, and make the fools suffer for forcing this danger upon you. Take to your ships and wage war, take to the forums and speak out against the vile bumpgeois for your fellow miners , PvE’ers and casual gamers, take to the GalNet and support those mercs and gankers who would kill the enemy, and take to the ice belts to gain intelligence and information to use against the bumpers.

The time has come, fellow Proveldtariats. It will take time, it will take effort, but we will unite. We will resurge against this menace to our game play and eject them from our homes, back into the badlands and outlands. We will rise up and preserve our freedom of play and source of income.

Rise up fellow Proveldtariat. See the menace that comes for your liberty, and crush it beneath your boot.

3 thoughts on “The Proveldtariat Manifesto

  1. Although profit is a primary motive of my new business, I strongly believe that corporations should also seek to make a positive contribution to the community. I would like to think that I “do well by doing good.” I realize that there is already a EULA in place that governs player conduct, but in my encounters with highsec miners, I often find myself wishing that the miners were of a higher caliber. In my view, many of these miners could become higher quality EVE players (and generally, better people) if they were simply held to a higher standard. The New Halaima Code of Conduct provides that standard.
    Without rules, there is no such thing as freedom. By enforcing a system of just laws, I give the miners liberation from their own worst instincts. And through this process, the miners can be molded into better people, the kind worthy of joining the new community of EVE. I’m no idealist to believe, firmly, in the integrity of the Code and the New Order of Highsec. It’s no ideal to me: It is a living, working reality.
    Note, i life in null, i mine in null, i rat in null, i fight in null. But as the case is highsec plays a role in all that i do. I have to say both sides have a valid point in this argument. I am not sure who to support, if i support james prices will go up, meaning minerals are worth more meaning i will make more money, but as we are beginning to see miners are entering low & even null to get away, some of them with a heavily armed escort. Although this inst a problem it is still an annoyance. If i support the miners ship prices will stay low so i can get ships cheaper. But this also means that i will make less money from minarals, again not a big problem. their are benifits and drawbacks for each side. I am not sure which one i will support. I would like to hear your side

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