Anti-Bump Methods

There is nothing worse than presumptive, extortionist prone, bumpgeois thugs attempting to interrupt your game play and your free time.

Suffer not a bumper to live. Visit this page regularly for updated anti-bump tactics!


A simple and effective means of stopping bumpers. By orbiting your roid at the closest possible length, you can ensure that even IF you are bumped, you will simply be bumped against the asteroid and its invisible walls. This is especially effective with Ice Asteroids! You also have a good chance of the bumper simply bumping himself off!

Of course there is no such thing as 100% safe tactics. This may be effective, but there is always the chance you will be moved. BUT IT’S OK! By orbiting, your ship will move back to its position and you can continue to mine.

Disregard their chiding and trolling about interrupting your cycle! What is 3 minutes of inactivity? Nothing!

Orbit, always be moving, and you’ll never have to worry about the enemy’s ransom!


All the credit for this method goes to the good miner taniq of Tolle. By orbiting the roid between 1000m and 500m with a skiff….the bumpers can’t touch you! I sat and watched the bumper try 10 times, and only once did taniq get a bump, and BARELY did he move! Not even a SINGLE cycle missing!! Was this luck? Possibly. It isn’t full proof, but boy does it work!Take heed members of the Proveldtariat- your fellow miners are adapting to this war, and they are WINNING! Join the Resistance now!


As with afk-mining, one can be afk webbed! Simply utilize a frigate sized vessel with webbing bonuses to double web one miner, or web two different miners. If you cannot fly a web bonus frigate sized ship, ANY frigate will do. Simply have the frigate orbit the asteroid tight or wide (the freedom of choice is yours), and ensure they are within web range of your ship! This should work for a good, long time if done right. Though if bumpers are extremely … agitated, they may spend hours just to get you away from your roid by 20km…but, oh well!

Why a frigate sized ship? Frigates are much harder to bump and more prone to being missed. EVEN if they are bumped, they are fast enough to move back into position. For added safety, use an after burner or micro warp drive to keep your webbing safety net untouchable!


While this tactic is not totally viable to ALL miners, there are many belts where this can be done. Asteroids have a tendency to spawn close together. Combine that with the invisible walls they tend to make and you have the makings of a sanctuary! It takes a little effort, but is worth the saved time.

Move your vessel between two LARGE asteroids, three or more if you can find them, and nudge your way past the walls. Once you’ve done this…mine! Bumpers will be bounced off by roid and wall. Even if they hit you…you’ll just bump right back into spot! There are instances where invisible walls have holes and you can fly through, but with the right roids places in the right spot, it can work. For an added bonus, try dropping a few secure canisters.


The good miner Quacker11 gave me this idea! Simply angle your ship against the face of the asteroid to put you in between the roid and bumper. Now what does this accomplish? It’s elementary my comrade!

If you orbit at a close range while the bumper charges you, he will miss you and simply bump off the asteroid. Granted you MUST be moving, and at a good speed, for this to work. But it’s worth it! Go forth, and collect your ore comrade!


Many miners will not choose this option, and I respect them for this, as they fight for their principal to mine (and play) how they choose in the sandbox. But for those of you who DON’T mind…simply leave the infected system. is a glorious data base tool to allow you to find ANY ice belt in High Security space where you can mine in PEACE! simply run a query on “show systems,” select number of ice fields, and choose your number of fields. Another line should show allowing you to select NOT with systems with security of 0.0, or 0.1, 0.2 etc. You shouldn’t have to go to low to mine your ice! Seize your profits members of the Proveldtariat!

more to come soon…

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