How To Deal With the Bumpgeois

Much like the bourgeois of old, the Bumpgeois simply wish to take what is yours. They wish to take the sweat of your brow for their own wants.

DO NOT LET THEM DO THIS! Visit this page regularly for updates on the psychology of the sociopath Bumpgeois and ways to deal with them through spoken (or unspoken!) word.

A Few Basic Tips

  • NEVER pay their extortionist ransom of 10 million ISK. That is the fruit of your labor and YOU are entitled to it
  • DO NOT interact with the Bumpgeois. They feed off your hate like so many leeches needing to be crushed. Ignore them, give them not the fodder for their egos or the material to target you for trolling.
  • SPREAD THE WORD! Encourage your fellow miners! Tell them about this site! They are not alone! Defend yourselves my fellow Proveldtariats! This is not a threat soon extinct. They will stay, but we shall FIGHT.

more to come soon…

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