A New Project: Mercenary Reviews

The Proveldtariat is not an easily deterred person. We press on against all odds and all insults. However, we do not do so without information. Power comes through many forms, but one form not to be forgotten is knowledge. Knowledge is key, especially when dealing with the infection of bumping. To this end, we have developed a system we hope to further aid Proveldtariats in the Resistance.

As mentioned in yesterday’s post, mercenary contracts are a great way to strike back at the bumpgeois. However, some mercenaries are less scrupulous than their more professional and reputable counterparts. There have been incident where the mercenary will be paid, and will not do anything. They will, in fact kill the miner anyway and brag to the bumpgeois scum about their crimes.

This simply won’t do. So, we’re going to try something different. I realize I’ve been slacking on the bumper tracker, and for that I apologize. The real world simply tosses things at me and they will always take priority over Eve. I’ll be trying to update the thing over the weekend (especially with the onset of the Retribution expansion!). However, I’d like to introduce a new and much more effective tracking system.

It is my pleasure to introduce the Mercenary Review System! Here’s how it works. Much like Yelp or TripAdvisor, we will maintain sections of review for different Mercenary Corporations and Alliances. These will come along with their own comment section and allow users to provide a score out of 10 with their experience hiring a specific Mercenary Corporation or Alliance. Here’s how to submit a Mercenary Corporation or Alliance for review.


Open up your wallet and check the Journal Transactions. As you’re well aware, this system documents payments to you and from you to others. All you need to do is go to your wallet, take a screenshot of your donation, and submit it to proveldtariat@gmail.com.


this is an older screenshot that I’ve cropped to protect identities, but you know how this works (you smart people you). The far right should not be cropped when submitting to the Proveldtariat so we can see what Corporation or Alliance we’re dealing with.

Once submitted, we will begin a review with alts and third-party systems to confirm a contract was established. Once confirmed, we will add the Corporation or Alliance to a yet-to-be constructed page where reviews will be pending. At this point, it’s up to you and others to play watchdog on the people you hired. Check their killboards, follow posts about them on the Forums and third-party sites. Use alts on your account to follow them around and see what they do. Do they hunt down bumpgeois scum when they least expect it and pop their nice faction ship? Or do they pop miners with the thugs?

Once you’ve collected your data in the form of screenshots and chat logs after a week or two, submit it all to us at the same e-mail (proveldtariat@gmail.com) for our own review. Once we’ve proved the legitimacy of the submissions, we will post any comments you may have regarding your experience with the Mercenaries for all to see. The Mercenaries will either be used again by other Proveldtariats, or named and shamed to deter business from them. This way, everyone benefits from good information.

Unity is key here, as with all things. If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to e-mail us at proveldtariat@gmail.com or message Anslo in-game. We hope to hear from you soon!

o7 Fly Safe. Fly True. For the Proveldtariat.


As the Resistance continues work throughout New Eden, the enemy of us all continues to spread propaganda that said resistance is doing nothing and that miners simply do not have the will to fight back. They rant and rave and sputter at miners who would speak out against them, saying in their own eloquent way “THEN DO SUMTING ABUT IT N00B LOLOLOL.”

From Forum to Local, the taunts continue. But I can’t help but wonder, where are they getting their information from that nothing is happening?


What the bumpgeois scum doesn’t realize is that not all actions are celebrated with fanfare and chest beating. We focus on action, not the publicity of said action. As the Proveldtariat continues against the bumping infection assailing our homes,  we have grown and we have learned. We have hidden ourselves among the masses and strike out when least expected.


Bumping scum will continue to yell fallacies and assumptions, saying none of these kills are ours, none of their losses are tied to the resistance.  But how can one prove that? How do you know who is who’s alt? How do you know that nice expensive ship you just lost wasn’t to someone rather…displeased with you? Case in point, bumpgeois Winchester Steele.


Even the most zealot of bumpgeois scum, such as Tubrug1, fall to the power of resistance. Is it a crippling blow that will stop the tide of undesirable infestation? No, not by a long shot. But it is resistance. It is action. It cannot be explained away. Well, it can be attempted, but at that point it’s more comedy than logic.


Hatred is a very powerful weapon. Even the “invincible” hulls of the “order” seem to crack under the pressure of resistance. It seems bumper zealot Bingbang Boom had to learn it the hard way. Yet they and others like them continue to preach that the “bot-aspirants” will do nothing. Well, now that we’ve dispelled that bit of propaganda, I’d say it’s time to keep moving forward shall we?

As we all know, the bumpgeois now have an alliance, TWO in fact. CODE. [CODE.] and Zantiu-Braun Corporation [ZBCO]. Both alliances are not exactly paragons of PvP prowess, and as such can and should be targeted for war declarations. It’s really that simple.  Retribution can now be obtained by the down-trodden of the Proveldtariat. One just need to reach out for it.

However, do not rush into such escapades lightly. It is well known that many a mercenary corporation will simply take the money and run should you attempt to hire them. Therefore, make sure to do some research before choosing an alliance. The channel Merc Contracts is a fairly tightly run group of alliances who care deeply for their work and their reputation.

Use it, be polite, be professional, and reap the benefits.

Another topic to discuss is the use of the new kill rights system. Upon doing my own research, I found that most, if not all, the bumpgeois scum have kill rights. One only need to contact the victim and humbly ask permission to use said kill right. The ganking thugs of the “order” also have their own kill rights, but cannot be effectively used right out. Patience is a virtue. If you so choose to use those, be patient. Wait, watch, learn, and see where and when they cease their undesirable activity and switch to activity in their prized and treasured ships.

At that point, take away that joy, as they took away your right to mine.

The tide continues against us, but we are fighting back. Like I said before, any resistance is still resistance. Press forward, and continue the good fight brave and stalwart Proveldtariat.

o7 Fly Safe, Fly True

We Will Not Be Intimidated by Criminal Threats

It’s sad to see the community of Eve be so polarized as to openly hate and attack anyone who does not coincide with their gameplay. It truly is disheartening. When I started in 2007, the hostility was nowhere near this level. People trolled here and there, but nothing was malicious.

Now we have a vocal group in the forums screaming against those who would play “the wrong way” in a sandbox game where there is no “wrong way” to truly play. We continue to see beratement  against the Proveldtariat of “leave the game,” “you’re not worth it,” “gb2 WoW,” “stfu carebear,” and the ever popular Hello Kitty Online references. These sentiments have grown into the game, assaulting the very people of High Sec during their time of leisure and joy. They call and execute a Highsecution never seen before.

Charming, aren’t they?

But I tell you this, and it is what you already know. YOU ARE ENTITLED TO PLAY YOUR WAY. Outside of the game we have jobs, lives, family, better halfs, siblings, social lives…yet here we are being told by the game’s “elite” that we are NOT allowed to play our own way, the way that suits us and relaxes us and lets us have fun, as they don’t believe it is “Eve-like.”

Who are they to define what is Eve-like? What is this delusion of grandeur these people are so enveloped in?

These bumpers claim emergent game play is the basis for their…style. Tell me, what sort of “play” involves ruining an individuals free time? I’ll give you a hint, it’s not any kind of play, but malicious intent.

That is why the Proveldtariat exists. As the united proletariat of Eve, we must resist these extortionist highway robbers imposing a faux code of conduct on a solar system that is not their’s.

No brave Proveldtariat, the system belongs to YOU. YOU work hard, you mine, you take the minerals, you provide us all affordable ships, you give new players a chance at grabbing those pleasant and shiny cruisers and battlecruisers as they play through Eve.

And now the Bumpgeois would take that from you! From us all! Claiming it to be to the “benefit” of the miners, saying they’re “letting miners make more money.” But are they?

No. They are not. They extort YOU of your hard earned isk for THEIR own coffers under the guise of influencing the market when in fact, there is no influence save for that which they IMPOSE and FORCE on your game time! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

We will rise miners. We will fight them, industrialists. We will resist them, missioners. We will endure them, PvPers. We will persevere, explorer. And we most certainly will thrive, dear wormholer. For we are Eve’s lifeblood, we are the heart and blood of this game enabling it to function. WE are the proletariat workers who feed and provide to ALL through the sweat of our brow. HOW we do that is irrelevant, but we do it! AFK OR NOT!

LET NO  PROVELDTARIAT ever FEAR how they play, for you do not deserve that fear. You do NOT deserve retribution in a game for YOUR FREE TIME. You should not and DO NOT have to leave because “Eve is not for you.” Eve IS for you. Eve IS you. Remember that brave and dear Proveldtariat. You are this game, and you will rise and throw off these shackles.

Remember my comrades, we will fight this, we will endure. Spread the word to ALL miners, missioners, ALL of the Proveldtariat. We are here. We are unified. And we will win.

For Freedom

For Liberty

For the Proveldtariat