A New Mining Venture


Retribution saw a lot of new additions to the Eve universe. From bounty hunting to new ships, it was a good chunk of updates, a veritable mix of shiny additions and old mechanic balancing. But most notably for miners, a new mining frigate was provided. The ever sleek (and clearly Homeworld inspired) Venture frigate.

She may have a small hold, but her speed more than makes up for it. Take this build, for instance;

miner II
miner II
prototype cloaking device I

survey scanner II
1mn afterburner II
medium shield extender II

mining laser upgrade II

small polycarbon engine housing I
small low friction nozzle joints I
small core defense field extender I

2x hobgoblins II OR 2x Miner Drones

cap stable
2159 ehp

She isn’t a tank like a hulk, but she can move more than fast enough to be able to AFK happily without worrying about bump. Even ganking a Venture can be a bit of a challenge. A miner named Rezard came up with a slightly tankier (but still nimble) mining setup;

[Venture, Rezard’s Special]
Mining Laser Upgrade II

Adaptive Invulnerability Field II
Medium F-S9 Regolith Shield Induction
Medium F-S9 Regolith Shield Induction

Miner II
Miner II
Prototype Cloaking Device I

Small Processor Overclocking Unit I
Small Processor Overclocking Unit I
Small Anti-EM Screen Reinforcer I

Mining Drone II x2

A good tank that’s still capable of leaving your Venture moving fast enough to avoid being bumped, and speed+shield tanked to hold off potential ganks. On top of that, it mines 800m3 per minute. For a frigate, that’s not bad at all.

Got an interesting Venture fitting? Send it to us at proveldtariat@gmail.com to share with other miners and Resistance members! Knowledge is power, power is victory.

o7 Fly Safe, Fly True.

A New Project: Mercenary Reviews

The Proveldtariat is not an easily deterred person. We press on against all odds and all insults. However, we do not do so without information. Power comes through many forms, but one form not to be forgotten is knowledge. Knowledge is key, especially when dealing with the infection of bumping. To this end, we have developed a system we hope to further aid Proveldtariats in the Resistance.

As mentioned in yesterday’s post, mercenary contracts are a great way to strike back at the bumpgeois. However, some mercenaries are less scrupulous than their more professional and reputable counterparts. There have been incident where the mercenary will be paid, and will not do anything. They will, in fact kill the miner anyway and brag to the bumpgeois scum about their crimes.

This simply won’t do. So, we’re going to try something different. I realize I’ve been slacking on the bumper tracker, and for that I apologize. The real world simply tosses things at me and they will always take priority over Eve. I’ll be trying to update the thing over the weekend (especially with the onset of the Retribution expansion!). However, I’d like to introduce a new and much more effective tracking system.

It is my pleasure to introduce the Mercenary Review System! Here’s how it works. Much like Yelp or TripAdvisor, we will maintain sections of review for different Mercenary Corporations and Alliances. These will come along with their own comment section and allow users to provide a score out of 10 with their experience hiring a specific Mercenary Corporation or Alliance. Here’s how to submit a Mercenary Corporation or Alliance for review.


Open up your wallet and check the Journal Transactions. As you’re well aware, this system documents payments to you and from you to others. All you need to do is go to your wallet, take a screenshot of your donation, and submit it to proveldtariat@gmail.com.


this is an older screenshot that I’ve cropped to protect identities, but you know how this works (you smart people you). The far right should not be cropped when submitting to the Proveldtariat so we can see what Corporation or Alliance we’re dealing with.

Once submitted, we will begin a review with alts and third-party systems to confirm a contract was established. Once confirmed, we will add the Corporation or Alliance to a yet-to-be constructed page where reviews will be pending. At this point, it’s up to you and others to play watchdog on the people you hired. Check their killboards, follow posts about them on the Forums and third-party sites. Use alts on your account to follow them around and see what they do. Do they hunt down bumpgeois scum when they least expect it and pop their nice faction ship? Or do they pop miners with the thugs?

Once you’ve collected your data in the form of screenshots and chat logs after a week or two, submit it all to us at the same e-mail (proveldtariat@gmail.com) for our own review. Once we’ve proved the legitimacy of the submissions, we will post any comments you may have regarding your experience with the Mercenaries for all to see. The Mercenaries will either be used again by other Proveldtariats, or named and shamed to deter business from them. This way, everyone benefits from good information.

Unity is key here, as with all things. If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to e-mail us at proveldtariat@gmail.com or message Anslo in-game. We hope to hear from you soon!

o7 Fly Safe. Fly True. For the Proveldtariat.

So You Got Ganked…

So you got ganked because you didn’t pay the mafia. It sucks, I know. No one likes loosing ships (well, depends on what you’re doing with them, but that’s a different story). Yes it sucks, yes it’s ISK lost, but don’t worry. There’s lessons to learn.

First thing first, how do we prevent that from happening again? Welp, it’s simple. TANK IT. With the new barge buffs, and a little creativity, you can fit for tank and not sacrifice much yield  allowing you to mine to your hearts content while being able to step away for a few minutes to deal with the real world. Let’s start with a classic, the Mackinaw.


Mining Laser Upgrade II
Mining Laser Upgrade II
Internal Force Field Array I

EM Ward II
Thermic DissipationII
Invulnerability Field II
Survey Scanner II (OPTIONAL: Or trade it for a Large Shield Extender II for more safety)

Modulated Strip Miner II
Modulated Strip Miner II

Medium Core Defense Field Extender I
Medium Core Defense Field Extender I

This is a build I found on battle clinic that I modified with a few T2 goodies. Using T1 gear, your EHP is about 33k. With T2 gear…well, it’s a good chunk MORE. To top it off, you don’t really sacrifice much, if any, yield. Easy enough that any belligerent could do it (of course they’re too busy being undesirables to bother).

Another, and…slightly more hilarious idea, is to forgo mining in barges. Yes, I said it. OTHER SHIPS CAN MINE AND MINE WELL! Behold!


Yes, it is an Apocalypse-class Battleship. Yes, it is set to mine. Yes, it will make you stupid amounts of ISK.

Lows: Expanded Cargo Hold II x3, Co-Processor II x3, Mining Laser Upgrade II

Mediums: Large Shield Extender II, Kinetic Deflection Amplifier II, Thermic Dissipation Amplifier II, Survey Scanner II OR some other tank

Highs: Miner II x8

You’ll need a CPU implant to make it work but hey, it’s worth the Battleship tank and Exhumer/Barge yield. You can opt out of the Low Slots as they are and fit those for Armor Tank if you’d like as well. There’s a holy rule in PvP that thou shalt not Tank Shield and Armor lest you risk the wrath of ridicule…but this isn’t PvP, so it doesn’t count!

Through Eve’s history, a lot of people have mined in Battleships to stay safe from ganks. Do some research and check out what Battleship could solve your “order” problems!

I also found a neat little thread located here that gave a few good builds for those miners. Your best offense against the bumpgeois scum is a solid defense. Tank those ships and enjoy playing the game YOUR way, and not the way of some sociopath.

o7 Fly Safe fellow Proveldtariat!

The Rumors of Our Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

We’re still around, we’re still watching, we’re still learning. We have not given up on hindering the people preventing you from playing your game your way.

But real life must come before a game, despite passion of said game. Families need cared for, jobs need completed, things need written, and lives need lived. In the case of stopping the bumpers, patience is a virtue. E-mail us at proveldtariat@gmail.com if you have any questions or concerns, and we’ll try to get to you ASAP.

More posts to come!


-The Proveldtariat Team

CCP to Officially Address Miner Bumping

Comrades, now is the time to ensure your voice is heard and your liberty of play is preserved. CCP has opened a sticky thread, located here, to discuss the infection of miner bumping in the community. Already, bumpers are entering the thread and using alts to appear as a vocal majority in favor of harassing casual gamers, miners, and PvE players.

Don’t let them do it. Take to the skies, take to the forums, take the chats, spread word to your fellow comrades against the bumping scourge about this thread and ensure YOUR voice drowns out the harassment of the bumpers.

Raise your voice.

Raise the flag.

Stop the highsecution!

For the Proveldtariat o7

The Manifesto

It’s been a long time coming, and it will always be growing and learning as a living manifesto, but it’s here. The  Proveldtariat Manifesto  has been posted for the use of the working class of Eve, PvE’er, miner, missioner, and others of the Proveldtariat. Read it comrade. Read it and see the danger now infesting our home and game play. See the danger and raise the flag’s of war.

We’ve had a nice long sleep, haven’t we? But day has dawned. It’s time to wake up, brave Proveldtariat. We have intruders in our homes, and we must show them just how “welcome” they are.

Fly Safe, and Fly True Comrade o7

What Retribution will mean for the Proveldtariat

Post by A.N.U.

On December 4th, 2012, CCP will be releasing EVE Online: Retribution, the 18th expansion to EVE Online. It will include three major changes: a long-needed update to bounties, five new ships and, perhaps most importantly to many players, a new iteration of Crimewatch. But what do these changes mean specifically for the Proveldtariat?

New Ships, New Roles

EVE Online: Retribution will introduce five new ships to EVE’s already-huge collection. This will include four new destroyers (one for each race) and an ORE mining frigate.

Obviously, as miners the ORE frigate is going to have the largest effect on the way we play – and sadly, that might not even be that much. As a frigate, the ‘Dasher’ (not the final name) will be much faster than current mining barges, as well as much lighter and having a considerably smaller cargo hold.

For people who tend to go AFK for a short while and return to the keyboard quickly, this could be perfect. With even the smallest of speed fits, there’s no way that this frigate could be bumped out of range if it was orbiting at 500m. You would, however, need to empty the hold relatively often, so for those who like to leave their ships for an hour or more, this would not be ideal.

How much of a difference does this make? Well, not an awful lot, actually. A speed fit Skiff is already highly impractical for a bumper to bump, and has a much larger ore hold. Using the frigate would be a great way to mock the bumpgeois, but sadly it won’t achieve much more than that that the Skiff can’t already do.

Bounty Hunting

In general, a miner can be expected to have more ISK available than a miner bumper (unless, of course, the bumper is James 315 himself, who is stupidly rich from his ‘shares’ scam). This suggests that if miner bumpers and miners had an equal motivation to place bounties on each other, the miner bumpers would end up with greater bounties.

In reality, miners are going to have a greater motivation to place bounties. Miner bumpers already get their amusement from bumping defenseless miners, and so are less likely to place bounties on miners. There are also far more miners than bumpers. This should mean that soon after December to 4th, many miner bumpers will have significant bounties on their heads, while the percentage of miners that have bounties is much smaller.

However, a prospective bounty hunter would, in general, be more likely to target a miner than a bumper, because miners are easier targets – bumping ships are fast and often field a shield fit, while mining ships are slow and wield mining lasers. This means that, overall, miners and miner bumpers will each suffer similar amounts from bounty hunters – bumpers will have larger bounties and therefore get attacked for longer, but miners will be juicier targets.

In conclusion, then, the bounty changes are unlikely to change the balance in the conflict between miners and bumpers, but will likely cost both sides money.


Crimewatch 2.0 should, in general, make Hisec a safer place for mining. While it won’t affect bumping at all, it will make it so that any successful ganker can be made a free target for anyone who wishes to purchase the kill right. Obviously, this will dissuade many gankers from having go at miners, especially since kill rights are now awarded on aggression rather than an actual kill.

The other side of the coin is that it will become similarly harder for a miner to effectively gank a bumper – it would allow a kill right on the miner’s ship at any time, and that would be a huge inconvenience. However, since the number of miners ganked in a day is, as a rule, larger than the number of bumpers ganked in a day, this should have a greater positive effect on us than it does on bumpers.