The Manifesto

It’s been a long time coming, and it will always be growing and learning as a living manifesto, but it’s here. The  Proveldtariat Manifesto  has been posted for the use of the working class of Eve, PvE’er, miner, missioner, and others of the Proveldtariat. Read it comrade. Read it and see the danger now infesting our home and game play. See the danger and raise the flag’s of war.

We’ve had a nice long sleep, haven’t we? But day has dawned. It’s time to wake up, brave Proveldtariat. We have intruders in our homes, and we must show them just how “welcome” they are.

Fly Safe, and Fly True Comrade o7

Publicity Galore!

The Forums are alive with banter and discussion of the Proveldtariat! Love it or hate it, the movement is in the public eye and opinions are all over the place! Twenty-one pages of discussion and more than 4,000 views. Talk about publicity…

Players came into support the movement and its work. Not everyone is in the fight, but opinion is not just pro-bumper. Many players are happy to see miners taking the initiative and fighting back to protect their game play and their free time!

Even our foes commended the action of the miners and their work! Granted, the credit they displayed was, of course, for themselves. But we all know who’s really to credit for it. That’s right, I’m looking at you. Yes you! With the Skiff!

Brainstorming was evident throughout the thread. sackofdung Sasen provided interesting commentary that warranted further testing for the benefit of all miners affected by the bumper infection. While perhaps a bit of effort to execute, the potential of the idea to work far and its inherent benefit is far from something to be ignored!

Pilot Lin-Young Borovskova popped in to deliver a taste of the bumpers own medicine with an interesting musing. Why do the bumpers assume all miners are botters, or are bot-aspirants? Who are they to assume and pass judgement? Clearly, they have no credibility to do so. But of course they’ll rant, rave, scream, and denounce any speaking out against them as individuals “protecting botters.” I’m sorry, I didn’t know my game play style would hurt your feelings so bad…

Bumpers turned hostile when I attempted to discuss the theoretical actions CCP could implement to curb bumping. He seems to have missed the entire theoretical part of the discussion, as he lashed out. I believe I may have hit a nerve, and for that I’m sorry.  Sad to see such outcry at simple discussion. But what can also be seen are further assumptions as noted before hand.

The bumpers assume that all miners not speaking in local are bots or “bot-aspirants.” They must have forgotten voice comms, private chat, corp chat, alliance chat, player channels, Developer channels, etc, etc…One can’t help but wonder if the bumpers just want someone to talk to them. Maybe they’re lonely? Maybe that’s why all this started?

I suppose that’s a question for another day. Either way, the word is out and the people are talking! Impatient bunch as they are, they demand action now! I say, patience is a virtue, and good things come to those who wait. Keep up the good work miners, casual gamers, PvE’ers, PvP’ers and others supporting the Proveldtariat. We have an audience now! Let’s not disappoint  shall we?

New Series! The Miner Bar

I was driving home this weekend and thinking about a friend of mine who bar tends for a small Irish pub in my state. He mixes not only liquors and juices in the traditional way, but liquors and beers in a way I didn’t think possible! Another interesting fact is that he happens to play Eve and very much enjoys mining. So, in his spare time while he mines and chats with corp mates and friends online, he experiments with different drink combinations to taste. He said he’d be happy to forward new recipes and, if there’s enough of them, we’ll be adding a page on it!

If you have any drink or food recipes that have an Eve twist, send them to the Proveldtariat email at to get it posted on here! Who says mining’s boring when you have things like this, eh? Drink up fellow Provelds!




1 pint of Hard Cider

1 shot Blackberry Currant Liquor (Chambord, Blackberry Schanpps, etc)

1/2 shot Vodka

Just mix and shake, NO ICE. It’s an interesting spin on the Black & Cider recipe. I thought the Vodka would end up…making it just odd, but surprisingly it didn’t! A good sharp taste from a bright red drink. Enjoy!

What Retribution will mean for the Proveldtariat

Post by A.N.U.

On December 4th, 2012, CCP will be releasing EVE Online: Retribution, the 18th expansion to EVE Online. It will include three major changes: a long-needed update to bounties, five new ships and, perhaps most importantly to many players, a new iteration of Crimewatch. But what do these changes mean specifically for the Proveldtariat?

New Ships, New Roles

EVE Online: Retribution will introduce five new ships to EVE’s already-huge collection. This will include four new destroyers (one for each race) and an ORE mining frigate.

Obviously, as miners the ORE frigate is going to have the largest effect on the way we play – and sadly, that might not even be that much. As a frigate, the ‘Dasher’ (not the final name) will be much faster than current mining barges, as well as much lighter and having a considerably smaller cargo hold.

For people who tend to go AFK for a short while and return to the keyboard quickly, this could be perfect. With even the smallest of speed fits, there’s no way that this frigate could be bumped out of range if it was orbiting at 500m. You would, however, need to empty the hold relatively often, so for those who like to leave their ships for an hour or more, this would not be ideal.

How much of a difference does this make? Well, not an awful lot, actually. A speed fit Skiff is already highly impractical for a bumper to bump, and has a much larger ore hold. Using the frigate would be a great way to mock the bumpgeois, but sadly it won’t achieve much more than that that the Skiff can’t already do.

Bounty Hunting

In general, a miner can be expected to have more ISK available than a miner bumper (unless, of course, the bumper is James 315 himself, who is stupidly rich from his ‘shares’ scam). This suggests that if miner bumpers and miners had an equal motivation to place bounties on each other, the miner bumpers would end up with greater bounties.

In reality, miners are going to have a greater motivation to place bounties. Miner bumpers already get their amusement from bumping defenseless miners, and so are less likely to place bounties on miners. There are also far more miners than bumpers. This should mean that soon after December to 4th, many miner bumpers will have significant bounties on their heads, while the percentage of miners that have bounties is much smaller.

However, a prospective bounty hunter would, in general, be more likely to target a miner than a bumper, because miners are easier targets – bumping ships are fast and often field a shield fit, while mining ships are slow and wield mining lasers. This means that, overall, miners and miner bumpers will each suffer similar amounts from bounty hunters – bumpers will have larger bounties and therefore get attacked for longer, but miners will be juicier targets.

In conclusion, then, the bounty changes are unlikely to change the balance in the conflict between miners and bumpers, but will likely cost both sides money.


Crimewatch 2.0 should, in general, make Hisec a safer place for mining. While it won’t affect bumping at all, it will make it so that any successful ganker can be made a free target for anyone who wishes to purchase the kill right. Obviously, this will dissuade many gankers from having go at miners, especially since kill rights are now awarded on aggression rather than an actual kill.

The other side of the coin is that it will become similarly harder for a miner to effectively gank a bumper – it would allow a kill right on the miner’s ship at any time, and that would be a huge inconvenience. However, since the number of miners ganked in a day is, as a rule, larger than the number of bumpers ganked in a day, this should have a greater positive effect on us than it does on bumpers.

A Call for Translators

We have noticed a substantial rise in visitors to the Proveldtariat website from across the world, including those from;

  • Taiwan
  • Russia
  • Japan
  • Brazil
  • France
  • Spain
  • Italy
  • Finland
  • Netherlands
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • Germany
  • Poland
  • Ukraine
  • Israel
  • Columbia
  • Denmark
  • Belgium
  • Puerto Rico
  • Korea

The Proveldtariat is spread far and wide across the globe, but it is clear that you all seek to fight the bumpgeois and end this invasion of your choice of free time. I am so sorry that I am unable to speak multiple languages myself to completely translate everything for you. This is why I call out to my fellow Provelds for your support.

We need translators.

We need people who speak the languages from the above mentioned countries to step forward and assist. I am willing and able to translate all posts and tips for miners should we be able to obtain linguistic specialists.

Please e-mail with your translations should you so choose. This is not an order, none can order you all, the Proveldtariat. You are free individuals to make your own choices. This is however, a request, a plea if you will. We need your help, ALL of your help. So I beseech you, my dear comrades; step forward with your brilliant language capabilities, and help us spread the word to all people of all languages. With your help, all will benefit from the collective knowledge of the miner, and soon the missioner, explorer, and all of Eve’s proletariat.

Again, please E-MAIL (not eve-mail) if you are willing to translate the word of the people on this site for the benefit of all.

For the Proveldtariat o7

Welcome Comrade!

Welcome to the website for all Proveldtariat! This site has been established for the benefit of those miners who have become victims of the Bumpgeois, the bumper extortionists that detract from the joy of the game and free time of the individual.

This website will also help to serve the other members of the Proveldtariat including industrialists, mission runners, traders, etc who may be victimized by the Bumpgeois (bitter vets, predatory PvPers, griefers, etc).

It is high time the workers and bloodlife of Eve have a voice and home of their own outside the vitriol of the Bumpgeois of Eve.

For the Proveldtariat!