Tear Bounties

So during my long break in December, I thought about a lot of things related to the Proveldtariat and how to move forward with this group (in between RL work, vacation planning, getting engaged etc). One of the big things I thought about was the Bumper Dodge game I had mentioned earlier. The more I thought about ways to execute it, the more I realized that it was simply a LOT of effort on anyone’s part to record and post. While potentially fun to see and do, it’s just a lot of work.

So, I’ve thought of something a little more fun to do that requires much less effort. I would like to propose the establishment of Tear Bounties. It’s a very simple concept that requires a few screenshots and an e-mail or in-game mail and link.

If you’re dealing with a bumper, and they get upset at you crushing their fallacy laced logic or dodging every single one of their bumps or out tanking their fail ganks, take a screenshot of their reaction in chat! The Proveldtariat will be offering 10 million isk per screenshot. Exceptionally tear filled screenshot chats, you could be credited with 20 million isk.

Submission is easy. Either e-mail the file to proveldtariat@gmail.com, or eve-mail Anslo a link to the screenshot. You can upload screenshot’s at tinypic.com, a very convinient picture sharing service that requires no registration.

If we start getting a good many screenshots, I’ll be setting up a top Bounty list! Your screenshot could win you big and get you on the front page of the Proveldtariat website! I hope to see a lot of screenshots in the future! Good hunting Proveldtariats!

o7 Fly Safe and Fly True!

COMING SOON. Bumper Dodge!


During my time flying through New Eden, I have seen many resistant miners fighting against the bumpers and their extortionist ways. One emerging “game” coming from this is Bumper Dodge! Much like dodge ball, miners are counting out how many times they dodge the bumpers while laughing at their attempts.

So now, with funding and steam within the movement, we are proud to officially sponsor BUMPER DODGE!

While this is a working title and rules will be reviewed, here’s the gist of it. Each week will be a new contest. To enter, simply record your bumper dodging as proof of your effort. Place the recording on a Youtube account and e-mail us the link at proveldtariat@gmail.com. Each week, we will select a winner of Dodge Bumper should they prove the dodged the most bumpers! Each new winner each week will be give 50 MILLION ISK !

The last week at the end of each month will be a Dodge off! While the normal contest will still run for others, previous winners for the month will participate in an escalated competition. Three previous winners will play hard for the right of the title Dodging Hero! The miner who gets the MOST dodges in this event will not only earn the title of Dodging Hero, but win 150 MILLION ISK!!

But that’s not all! Oh hell no, we’re not done yet. Provide screenshots of eve mails or chat screenshots of bumper rage or tears to us for incrementally increasing rewards! Make sure your time stamps are on too~

1 Screen Shot=5 million isk

2 Screen Shots=10 million isk

3 Screen Shots=15 million isk

4 Screen Shots=20 million isk

5 Screenshots (max)=25 million isk

This is a small supplementary contest we’ll be running on the side!

We hope to see many entrants to Dodge Bumper and look forward to many vidoes! If you’d like to donate isk to the contest as a reward payout, please contact us through proveldtariat@gmail.com for more assistance.

A new page on the website will be added as well to highlight more fleshed out rules AND provide a winners board for bragging rights! Keep your eyes peeled for this new and exciting game!

For the Proveldtariat! o7


P.S. And, of course, bumpers and pro-bumper miners need not apply. We will ensure thorough review of all entrants for bumpgeois sympathy and promotion before you can be eligible for the contest. 🙂