The Bumper Tracker

Good day fellow Miner! Below you will find the Bumper Tracker, a tool developed and utilized by all miners being abused and bumped by those who would extort them of their entitled, hard earned isk. While some details are missing, this list will be constantly updated as information comes in.

But it’s very important that you, yes you, and Miners like yourself provide information. No names are given to informants, and your contribution helps all miners, casuals, and general members of the Proveldtariat in the cause to fight the bumpers off.

What you do with this information is your choice. We are not responsible for what you may do. Use it as you wish, and gods speed to you. Suffer not the bumper to live.

Resist. Repel. Retaliate. Freedom of Play, Unity to Defend it.










Name Corp Member Count Ship of Choice Location (Speculation) Corp Station SP (est.) KB Hours of Activity
Tubrug1 Lai Dai First Guard 3 Stabber (Fleet) Tolle Dodixie IX – Moon 20 – Federation Navy Assembly Plant 49.7 mil link TBD
Jean Richelieu SCOPE N/A Stabber Tolle Unknown 70 mil None Existant TBD
Hortensius Shamir Spiffy Co 2 Stabber (Fleet) Tolle Trossere VII – Moon 3 – University of Caille 5 mil None Existant TBD
Kw1jybo Aura of Darkness 92 Omen Kamio/Halaima Chamemi VI – Moon 1 – Royal Khanid Navy Assembly Plant 78 mil link TBD
Sun Win Lead Farmers 111 Stabber Kamio/Halaima Otalieto VII – Moon 2 – Caldari Steel Warehouse 118 mil link TBD
Jonah Gravenstein Holistic Materials Research Council 1 Bumper supporter/shareholder, no ship Kamio/Halaima Lustrevik VII – Moon 9 – Brutor Tribe Academy 20-30 mil None Existant TBD
James 315 Experimental Funtimes Corp 1 Stabber (Fleet) Halaima Kamio VI – Moon 7 – Sukuuvestaa Corporation Production Plant 121 mil link TBD
Blackmoonwolf Angels and Demons Inc 106 Omen Unknown 5ZXX-K V – Moon 17 – Mordu’s Legion Testing Facilities 80-100 mil None Existant TBD
Andreana MacKenzie Sunny Miners Inc 3 Stabber (Fleet) Tolle Aydoteaux VIII – Moon 12 – CreoDron Warehouse 1.6 mil link TBD
Isha Mari Minertaur North Industry inc. 4 Rifter Kamio/Halaima Sarekuwa III – Moon 6 – Caldari Steel Warehouse 10-15 mil None Existant TBD
Twizted Sizter Dreddit 4135 Skiff Unknown Alparena V – Moon 4 – Federal Navy Academy 54 mil link TBD
Paul Casey Deep Core Mining N/A Stabber Kamio/Halaima N/A 4.9 mil link TBD
290xanaots Wildly Innapropriate DOT 656 Staber Kamio/Halaima (?) Bourynes VII – Moon 2 – University of Caille 64.5 mil link TBD
Kainotomiu Ronuken Dreddit 4135 Omen, Stabber, Stabber Fleet ( 100MN MWD on SFI) Tolle Alparena V – Moon 4 – Federal Navy Academy 4.3 mil link England TZ
Mallak Azaria GoonWaffe 3683 Stabber (Fleet) Unknown S-U8A4 V – Moon 1 – Ishukone Corporation Factory 69 mil link TBD
BillMurray Sebeistor Tribe N/A Stabber Unknown N/A 70 mil link TBD
Helan Molou Hedion University N/A Omen Tolle (and surrounding area) N/A 1.6 mil link TBD
Kallen Kozuki Corp 1 Allstars 18 Stabber (Fleet) Unknown Hophib XII – Ministry of War Archives 62 mil link TBD
Prince Secu All-Blacks 3 Stabber Unknown Amarr VIII (Oris) – Emperor Family Academy 56 mil link TBD

2 thoughts on “The Bumper Tracker

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  2. This is sad… Hey, go and add Lugia3 to the bumper list. It’s an honor to be recognized as being able to bump orcas to 1 km/s.

    This will fail.

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